Savvy architects consider the different ways that they can reduce waste when they are constructing a new building. Commercial buildings that generate a significant amount of waste include hotels, schools, and office buildings. If you are a facility manager, building owner, or tenant who needs waste management services, reach out to us. At Value Dumpster Rental Fresno, we offer comprehensive waste management solutions and deliver different sizes of dumpsters to you. You not only benefit from reduced costs but enhanced sustainability too.

What are some of the benefits of proper waste management?

  • It enhances sustainability
  • It lowers disposal costs for you thus increasing your profits
  • It streamlines reporting and information sharing
  • It conserves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • It allows you to negotiate for waste and recycling services that fit your needs

The best way to reduce waste

Just as you are concerned about conserving water and energy, you should consider reducing the amount of waste generated. One of the best ways to manage waste in buildings is to optimize material flow, which ultimately reduces the waste being sent to landfills and improves the quality of public space around the building.

What are some of the ways in which you can manage and reduce waste for commercial and residential buildings?

1. Plan for material flow through the building

The building plan should ensure a smooth flow of discarded materials to help manage waste efficiently.

Basically, the plan should include the routes, storage space design, staff procedures, as well as the collection spaces.

2. Make waste separation easy

The different types of waste coming from a building should be separated into different containers. You should implement designs that make the disposal of materials in separate containers such as recyclables and general waste easy.

The system should include clear signs and visuals so that people know exactly where to put their waste.

3. Reduce consumption of waste-producing goods

The more goods used, the more waste is generated. This means that you should try your best to lower the consumption of goods right from the early stages of design and construction.

For example, you should encourage initiatives such as sharing furniture in the office or consider providing reusable utensils instead of disposable ones.

4. Plan for the collection and storage of waste containers

The building’s sidewalk may be put into use in different ways. One of these ways is using it as a storage space for waste before collection without hampering the pedestrian sidewalk experience.

If you have a rough idea about how much waste the building will produce from the beginning, it becomes easier to plan how to accommodate the waste.

5. Consider the take-back of delivery materials

Thanks to online shopping, people can now have their orders delivered right to their doorstep. This contributes to a large inflow of packaging materials. During planning, design rooms that accommodate the take-back of crates, reusable bottles, and other forms of packaging.

Ensure that you have training programs in place so that people are taught how to minimize the volume of waste.


Constantly assess your waste management program to see which areas need improvement and work on that. When you do this, waste management will be very effective for you.

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