Storage Container Rentals

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Storage Container Size Matters

If this is your first time looking into renting a container to augment your storage needs, we recommend calling our expert account management team, because it’s frustrating to realize later that you needed more room! Our available sizes begin at 10-cubic feet and go all the way up to 40 cubic feet, and can be used for reliable self-storage of valuable goods as they are well crafted, durable, and completely waterproof. Our rental containers are fitted with a double door with at least two closing points and feature a foolproof locking system to secure our customers’ belongings. We can deliver these rental containers anywhere in the greater Fresno area if you need additional storage space for your precious personal belongings.

Value Waste Services Fresno offers customized rental agreements for flexible durations that can vary depending on your needs. Daily, weekly or monthly rentals are all agreeable to us, and we find the most suitable container (or more than one) to help you save money while meeting your storage needs. The containers rented in the Value Waste Services Fresno inventory are all in mint condition to assure you of optimal quality and impeccable cleanliness.

Expertise & Superior Service At The Lowest Price

We are more than pleased to report that business owners, land-owners, property managers and even homeowners in the San Joachin Valley greater have identified Speedy as their vendor-of-choice, not only for storage containers but because of our dumpster rental and overall waste management business reputation. We work with one specific mission first and foremost on our minds: To provide our clients with the best equipment via the most courteous and reliable service, at the most affordable prices. Our expert team understands that the need to rent a storage container isn’t an ordinary, everyday occurrence. So when the phone rings, our highly-trained staff knows that time is of the essence to get you what you need. It all starts with our ordering process, which has been perfectly streamlined to ensure the most desirable end-state: You getting the right sized unit, at the right address, in the right location at that address, in the shortest amount of time possible, and at the time that we promised! Call Value Waste Services now at (559) 338-6838, and you’ll know you’re working with the Best!