Moving to a new home is exciting, to say the least. However, the process can feel a bit overwhelming without proper planning. As such, we have compiled a list of preparations and tips to make the process more fun and hassle-free.

Let us dive into specifics.

Declutter Your Space Beforehand

For most people, moving into a new house is the beginning of something new. It symbolizes a fresh start, among other things. So, how derailing can it be to carry unnecessary stuff that will only fill up space in your new house? The secret, in this case, is to declutter before you move.

Decluttering allows you to get rid of stuff that you no longer need; unnecessary things like that broken-down microwave or the heap of worn-out shoes you have had in your closet for the past decade. Decluttering can be a tiresome endeavour, but it is worth it in the end. And since we are getting rid of old and unwanted stuff, it would be absurd to make another mess outside. That is why it is advisable to get a dumpster rental; a container where you can properly dispose of all your unwanted stuff. Forget the 40 Yard dumpsters you see at construction sites. Dumpster rental companies like us have smaller 10-yard dumpsters that are perfect for storing trash before a move.

Another reason why decluttering is important is because it brings down moving costs.

Create an inventory list

Creating an inventory is important as it minimizes the chance of losing things in the moving process. If it is your first time moving and you have no idea how to create an inventory, the internet is an invaluable resource. For example, here’s a great list Allstate made you can use to make sure you have everything when you move.

Make a Survival bag

A survival bag contains stuff that you use regularly, like keys, makeup, medicine, toothbrushes, and other items. Change of clothes, your phone, and charger are other things that you should include in your survival bag. As stated earlier, moving house can be hectic; but it will be well worth it when you are moved into your shiny new home.

Start Packing Early

As soon as you are done decluttering, it is time to start packing.

Unfortunately, several people start packing a day or two before the moving date. To ensure a swiftly-moving process, start packing as early as possible; two weeks earlier, in most cases. Doing so gives you ample time to pack and know where everything is. You can start with stuff you rarely use, and pack the things you use daily last. However, remember to label the boxes as soon as you are done packing each one. That is an organizational tip that makes it easier to know where all your stuff is in an instant. It also allows the moving company to have an easy time placing the boxes in the appropriate rooms in your new place.